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We Supply Toiletries and Products to Girls/Women in Need in Croydon

Our Story

“The idea for We-Stap(We supply toiletries and menstrual products to Women in Need) was created many years ago, when I worked as a health visitor. I visited a client who lived with her partner and three children and was experiencing domestic abuse. Her partner didn't buy her anything and wouldn't give her any money either. I enquired how she manged when she had her menstrual cycle, to which she cried and told me that she only had to use toilet paper.

I was very shocked by this and decided to raise funds to purchase menstrual products for her.

I left the role and didn't know what happened to her. However, I knew she couldn't be the only woman experiencing this and felt I had to do something about it”. 

Jackie Morrison (Founder & Chair Person)
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